Mariel Christine + Jun Irving


The craftsmanship that Mariel Christine and Jun Irving show through their products is simply remarkable. Using each of their skill sets they are able to provide the world with meaningful designs that showcase the love they have for what they create. 

Mariel loves everything from designing new pillows to crafting something up to save some space in her wardrobe. She is passionate about creating things and helping others achieve a sincere love for their living space.

Having never been taught in school how to decorate or design, Mariel is a self taught artist and creator. A love to create comes from within and it cannot be learned. She dabbles in all sorts of unique areas which makes her work fast pace, fun, and truly exciting! Mariel is a big believer in letting her instincts guide her when she is dreaming up new creations. You will also find her work to contain little collections which showcase similar themes. 

Mariel never fails to show her true self through her work and the phrase, "If it's pretty together, then it is meant to be together!" certainly points to her whimsical nature. As a designer, being budget friendly and decorating consciously are things that are important. Mariel tries when she can to use vintage items or thrift store finds in her designs. She not only makes new things, she gives old things life too. There are simply no rules when it comes to design with Mariel! 

I want my decorated spaces and handmade items to inspire people when they are in their home and using my handmade goods. I function better when I am surrounded by images and objects that make me feel joy - that is what I want to help others achieve. I have learned through my experiences in different cultures as well as being surrounded by various people, that we need to appreciate the simple beauty of our surroundings. I began letting my creativity out in the spaces I decorate and design. My husband and I absolutely love creating handmade treasures and making homes look beautiful.
— Mariel Christine

Jun Irving found his passion for creating and building from experimenting with how to make detailed designs work in areas and spaces of the home. When tasked with a build, Jun Irving puts craftsmanship and quality first in what he is going to create for that day. He gains satisfaction from building because he knows that his excellent work will not go unnoticed and will be appreciated by those around him. Jun creates one of a kind items for The Decorated Room and they prove to be remarkable.

The Decorated Room was created when Mariel Christine along with her husband, Jun Irving, decided they wanted to pursue a life that allowed others to see love and creativity in a new way. When you purchase an item from The Decorated Room you know you're purchasing an item of quality, love, hope, and endless possibilities. 

The Decorated Room 

The Decorated Room was created to provide quality decorating and organizational services at an affordable price. We think that everyone should have a beautiful and organized space to enjoy. Not only is it enjoyable but it also relieves stress. When you are surrounded by beautiful things, you will feel inspired to conquer the day. So at The Decorated Room we offer affordable services that will get that space all organized and prettied up. 

The Decorated Room also offers homemade goods that is created and designed my Mariel Christine. She currently has a line of decorative pillows called Little Love Pillows. They are the perfect little pillow that gives a space that extra touch of personalization. They are great as gifts and also great to decorate a space with. 

The perfect little personalized pillows for anything that is happening in life. Whether you want to celebrate a union of 2 people, the birth of a child, keep a memory of a loved one, or just want something that will inspire or motivate you. These little love pillows will do just that! Great as Wedding Gifts, Housewarming Gifts, Baby Shower gifts, keepsakes and displays for anywhere!
— Mariel Christine

Beautiful Things

We love everything from designing to decorating to crafting. It's something that we are very passionate about. We love creating things and making homes look beautiful. We are constantly trying to find ways to express our creativity and sharing it with others. We love to build things and see it come to life in a room. The smallest build can bring a whole room together.

Little Love Pillows

The perfect little pillows for anything that is happening in life. Whether you want to celebrate a union of 2 people, the birth of a child, keep a memory of a loved one, or just want something that will inspire or motivate you. These little love pillows will do just that! Perfect to display anywhere your heart desires! Great as gifts and keepsakes and displays for anywhere! 

Inspired by you. Handmade by me.

Style & Quality

We love anything and everything that will make a space beautiful! Personalization is also a favorite of ours. We like to bring something fresh and modern and also something that will last throughout the years.

100% Handmade

Here at The Decorated Room, we create and design all of our own products. That is the most fun in what we do. It is sewn, built, painted, stamped, designed by us. We take pride in everything we create and design.

  1. Because of our handmade nature of our items, not every stitch or line will be perfect, but we can assure you that it will make your day a little brighter and it will do what it's intended to do.
  2. We like to use products that are natural and that is safe for you and your family. We choose fabrics and paints that are not toxic.