DIY Platform Bed

Well let me first say. This post has been long over due! I have posted the finished product in my pinterest feed and have great response, but I feel bad becuase I didn't really have an official blog to really explain the steps (well we still don't have all the steps recorded) so the link has been directed to my facebook page. I had a few people message me about what plans I used and I was more than glad to give them the free plans I got off various websites. I finally got the chance to really sit down and give the credit where it deserves and to show our finished product.

So it all started with a vision and then hours of scouring pinterest of an easy and cheap way to get beds for my 2 younger sons. Their room is small. We had a twin over full bunk bed that just didnt fit the space. 

The hubby didn't know what my plans where. I just came home from the home improvement store with a whole bunch of wood and said can you build 2 beds. He just looked at me like I was crazy (mind you, this is the first huge build project we (and I mean he) has ever done. But I knew he could do it! I just knew it! 

So with my iphone in hand and with the pinterest app open. I started reading the directions. And then a bed emerged. And to tell you honestly, it was pretty easy (well, it looked easy, hubby wasn't complaining at all, and the directions were very easy to follow) 

And before we knew it, actually the next day (we started the build like around 9pm that night, so hubby had to finish it the next day.) 2 beds have emerged.

And here is the finished room! everything you see in here, the hubby built as well. The bookshelves, the toy bins, the bedside table, the frames, and even a storage bin in the boys closet. That will have to be another blog post. 

We ended up combining 2 plans to make this bed.

And you can find the headboard here and the bed here.

I hope you feel inspired for a little summer project! Do you plan on making this or have another big project in the books? Let me know what you are doing in the comments below!


Until next time......