What To Put on That Window Sill

I don't know if you have the same problem, but our window sill was deep. I didn't know what to with that space and what I hate is space that is not used properly. Yes. I probably could have just put flowers there and be done with it. But. Hubby is allergic. Just talking about putting flowers in the house, his eye started itching. So that wasn't a choice for us. 

I even had just random vases and decor there but it just didn't loo right. So I have been seeing these little boxes online and thought I could probably put that on my window sill and actually have compartments where I could put things that we use on a daily bases or a storage space for items that I want to see but necessarily want it cluttering the counter.

So I enlisted the hubby to build be a little box to fir perfectly on the window sill with large enough compartments to put large mason jars to store my baking stuff and some cleaning supplies. 


And there you have it. With a little dark walnut stain with a mix of weathered grey and a gold drawer handle, I know have a beautiful and functional storage piece on my window will. And what is so great about it is that it is placed perfectly where I can reach it. (Short people problems) 

I actually had a few clients ordered a box for their window sill as well. Awesome!


What do you think?

How do you have your window sill dressed? Comment below!