The Perfectly Imperfect Lines Linen Collection


The Decorated Room™ has introduced a linen collection based on the design concept by Mariel.

Designed and hand painted by Mariel with a special formula of non toxic paint she has come up with that doesn't leave the painted area hard or crunchy. 

The design concept comes from a place where some people can relate to Mariel. Through her handcrafted items and her ability to express her creativity which makes her the happiest allows her to battle a silent monster called depression and anxiety. Drawn to linen because of it's natural beauty and resiliency, most of her hand crafted items are created with this beautiful fabric. 
As she hand paints each stripe onto the linen, and although each stripe painted is not perfect, in fact it is purposely drawn imperfect, to her it is a great reminder that sometimes in our life, our lines are not perfect or straight and can also be all over the place, but our moments in our life is like linen. Still beautiful no matter how you look at it, no matter what life paints for you. And like linen, with every wrinkle and over time, it grows more and more beautiful.

And with that said, Mariel wanted to put this design to this collection, so people can have something to use and have a great reminder that life is beautiful no matter what wrinkle is going on in your life. Like linen, you can withstand it and grow more beautiful with every experience.

The Perfectly Imperfect Lines Linen Collection is currently in our Kitchen Tea Towels and in our Linen Throws as well.

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