The Decorated Room was born

Started from Love....

Started in 2014, The Decorated Room was created for the love of simple and classic designs and decor items that bring joy and a smile to someone special. It started from the renovations of our own house then built to decorating and designing items for clients. We stepped back from the decorating and focused on creating items made with quality and love and the same design that we would love in our home! We opened up our first ETSY shop called TDR Handmade Studio, and then our second shop, Sketch + Modern. Between these 2 shops, we are sure you will find something you will love!

Our ETSY Shops. We are 100% Handmade

Here at TDR Handmade Studio, we create and design all of our own products. That is the most fun in what we do. It is sewn, built, painted, stamped, designed by us. We take pride in everything we create and design.

You will find something perfect for your home and lifestyle! From rustic to modern and everything in between, whether it's celebrating someone special or a special date or event, or adding a simple touch to a wedding or even a welcoming a new baby, you will find something unique in this shop.

Because of our handmade nature of our items, not every stitch or line will be perfect, but we can assure you that it will make your day a little brighter and it will do what it's intended to do.
We like to use products that are natural and that is safe for you and your family. We choose fabrics and paints that are not toxic.


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Established 2018

Sketch + Modern was founded because of this quote...a journey starts with a single step. Journaling and documenting life's moments seemed foreign besides what you see on Social Media and the internet. It wasn't until I decided to pick up a notebook and start writing. And it has been an ahhhaaa moment for us. Being able to write your joys and even your sadness onto a piece of paper, it is so therapeutic.

As each day passed, we learned what worked for us and what didn't. What items that we needed to make our journaling more enjoyable.
Insert: All the pretty things!

What happens when scrap booking and journaling collide? It's a beautiful thing. A way of expressing one's self and exploring the many possibilities with creativity and art. It can't get any better!

Sketch + Modern was created to bring you a beautiful curated collection of supplies and goods for your analogue journey and to keep you writing. We even have some handmade items that was designed and made by us. (Our Everyday Roll to name a few)

Our stock changes, just like how life changes, so check our shop daily or better yet, favorite us so you know what new items have been added to the shop!