The craftsmanship that Mariel Christine and Jun Irving show through their products is simply remarkable. Using each of their skill sets they are able to provide the world with meaningful designs that showcase the love they have for what they create. 

Mariel loves everything from designing new pillows to crafting something up to save some space in her wardrobe. She is passionate about creating things and helping others achieve a sincere love for their living space.

Having never been taught in school how to decorate or design, Mariel is a self taught artist and creator. A love to create comes from within and it cannot be learned. She dabbles in all sorts of unique areas which makes her work fast pace, fun, and truly exciting! Mariel is a big believer in letting her instincts guide her when she is dreaming up new creations. You will also find her work to contain little collections which showcase similar themes. 

Mariel never fails to show her true self through her work and the phrase, "If it's pretty together, then it is meant to be together!" certainly points to her whimsical nature. As a designer, being budget friendly and decorating consciously are things that are important. Mariel tries when she can to use vintage items or thrift store finds in her designs. She not only makes new things, she gives old things life too. There are simply no rules when it comes to design with Mariel! 

It started with a handful of rocks...

Hello there! Mariel here! I wanted to share a little story about how this all came to be.

At a very young age I have always wanted to create and start my own business. I remember my very first business venture. It started out with a handful of rocks. I was 8 years old at the time. I had decided that I wanted to paint these rocks and then go door to door in my neighborhood to see if I can sell my little rocks. With my basket of my painted rocks in hand, that is what I did. I went to each house on my
block and gave a quick 30 second spiel about what I did to the rocks and that each rock was unique and one of a kind and why they should buy it. I don't remember if I sold all my rocks. I know a sold maybe one or two. But I do remember the feeling of accomplishment and feeling no fear. I believe that day has launched my love of creating and confidence to go for what I want and to do what I love. 

Throughout my adulthood, I had tried several things and had different careers to which included joining the Air Force. But even during these times, I always tried to do different business ventures and creating and designing things on the side, because that is what truly brought me joy. The Air Force was pretty demanding of my time so I couldn't really put 100% in all my business ventures which saddened me. So I knew that if I really wanted to follow my passion. I would have to leave the Air Force. And so I did. After 13 years,  I decided that it was now or never. 

The Decorated Room was born

In 2014, 6 months after getting out of the Air Force, I decided that I was going to go ahead and start my own business. I loved interior decorating. So The Decorated Room was born. I began designing and decorating other people's homes. Although I liked it, it took me away from my home. You see after being in the Air Force and not seeing my family much. I wanted to be home with my 3 boys and husband. 

So I decided to shift The Decorated Room from it being an Interior Decorating business to a shop where I can create and design items that went inside a home while I can stay home with my kids. 

tdr square logo new 2.jpg

And so it began with a sewing machine and the desire to create simple and classic creations for the home. Most of the items that we first added to our shop were items that I had designed for our own home. And still is displayed in our home. 

Now my husband and I, together, design, create and build for The Decorated Room full time. It has been an amazing journey since 2014. It may sometimes not be an easy journey but whenever things don't work out. I always think of my 8 year old self that came up with an idea and went with it without no hesitation and was brave enough to go door to door. We just keep moving forward. I wouldn't change anything. We love what we do and the items that we create for everyone because we know it brings joy to them as much as it brings joy to us. 

We recently changed our shop name to TDR Handmade Studio as we are expanding beyond home decor and want to create and design products for your lifestyle. We are still in the beginning phases of it. But we are excited to launch new products in the new year. 

We are 100% Handmade

Here at TDR Handmade Studio, we create and design all of our own products. That is the most fun in what we do. It is sewn, built, painted, stamped, designed by us. We take pride in everything we create and design.

Because of our handmade nature of our items, not every stitch or line will be perfect, but we can assure you that it will make your day a little brighter and it will do what it's intended to do.
We like to use products that are natural and that is safe for you and your family. We choose fabrics and paints that are not toxic.